1) What are the construction timelines for Houghton Road improvements?

  • The next Houghton project to go to construction is the Bridge over the UPRR, we anticipate construction activity to being in November, 2016.
  • The design of the Houghton Road from 22nd to Irvington Road, which includes the Pantano Bridge, is just beginning. This project should be going to construction in about two years.
  • The design of the UPRR to I-10 segment is complete, but construction on this segment is on hold until details with the Arizona Department of Transportation’s project at the Houghton Road/I10 interchange are confirmed.
  • There is currently no project work scheduled for Houghton Road, south of I10.
  • You can visit the Houghton Corridor Website at: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/projects/houghton-road

    2) Click on photo to view Broadway East fact sheet

    3) Driveways versus Curb Returns
    The decision to use a concrete driveway versus an asphalt driveway with curb returns is determined by many factors including the amount of traffic, the type of traffic, the amount of pedestrian and bike traffic, the design vehicle turning radius needs and the classification of the intersection road or driveway. The design decisions strive to optimize a balance between these competing needs based on the desired performance of the location.

    4) Sidewalk Placement
    The roadside design for Broadway Blvd implemented an extensive integrated design approach that worked to optimize the design for all users, impacts, maintenance and performance. In general, having a small buffer of 2-3’ between curb and sidewalk results in increased maintenance concerns without providing proven benefits. On the south side of Broadway Blvd, the sidewalk is located adjacent to the back of curb in order to maximize the space for drainage conveyance behind sidewalk and within the right of way. This will also allow for larger vegetation to be planted behind the sidewalk that may be able to mature and provide shade onto the sidewalk areas. In general, pavement drainage flows to the north making the north side more effective for water harvesting. The sidewalk on the north side of the roadway was typically set back from the curb by 8-12’ in order to provide locations for water harvesting and landscape to be placed between curb and sidewalk with minimal maintenance impacts. The available right of way was in place to allow the sidewalk offset to be achieved with minimal impacts.

    5) Bus Pullouts
    The location of bus pullout is based on many factors including ridership, frequency and impacts. On this segment, bus pullouts are provided at each of the signalized intersections. The impacts to surrounding properties for constructing bus pullouts at mid-block locations on this corridor are too great to justify the construction of bus pullouts.

    6) HAWK Signals
    The Gollob Road intersection is included in future plans as a bike boulevard route. Thus a HAWK signal is being installed to facilitate the multi-modal use of this intersection. At the current time, the Bonanaza intersection does not warrant a signal of any type. This intersection can be monitored post construction to determine if and when a signal may become warranted in the future.