Vision and Goals

In March 2011, Clackamas County completed a Draft Transportation Policy Framework to serve as the starting point and guide for the Transportation System Plan update process. Over the last several months the Public Advisory Committee, community members and the Technical Advisory Committee have been working on the original draft vision and goals. Through their collective efforts, they have developed the following vision and goals for the County's Transportation System Plan.


Building on the foundation of our existing assets, we envision a well-maintained and designed transportation system that provides safety, flexibility, mobility, accessibility and connectivity for people, goods and services; is tailored to our diverse geographies, and supports future needs and land use plans.


Sustainable: Provide a transportation system that optimizes benefits to the environment, the economy and the community.

Local Business and Jobs: Plan the transportation system to create a prosperous and adaptable economy and further the economic well-being of businesses and residents of the county.

Livable and Local: Tailor transportation solutions to suit the diversity of local communities.

Safety and Health: Promote a transportation system that maintains or improves our safety, health, and security.

Equity: Provide an equitable transportation system.

Fiscally Responsible: Promote a fiscally responsible approach to protect and improve the existing transportation system and implement a cost-effective system to meet future needs.