TSSC Summer Meeting Is Almost Here!

For those of you coming to Portland next week for the Summer Meeting, we are looking forward to showing you our multimodal transportation system. We'll have opportunities to share technical details of our network on tours and throughout the day with the participants in the Monday Workshop. To give you a sense of what sort of a City signal system you'll be visiting, review the 2012 Asset Management Report section on Signals. As a part of the meeting, we'll spend a little time on Tuesday having the City of Portland Asset Management Coordinator provide some background on how Signals fits into the Transportation Big Picture. Also view this set of Powerpoint slides that describes some of the innovations we've been involved with for the Portland region, both locally and nationally.

We look forward to talking about this and more at the workshop next week! See you then!

- Traffic Signal Systems Committee Board

Posted July 19th, 2013