City of Banks Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan before Planning Commission and City Council

We held a worksession with the Planning Commission and City Council on August 11th to review the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan recommended for adoption as an amendment to the Transportation System Plan. The Planning Commission and City Council will vote on adoption of the Plan and the implementing policies and ordinances associated with the Plan during their upcoming meetings on September 29th and October 13th. You can view the presentation given during the work session and plan HERE. We appreciate your feedback and comments throughout the project that helped shape the plan!

Project Background

The City of Banks’ Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (“BPP”) will allow the community to develop a convenient and safe non-automobile transportation system for local trips within the city and tie in with regional trail systems. The BPP will identify access points, preferred alignments, key road crossing options, trail standards, design elements, regulatory requirements, preliminary cost estimates, and potential sources of funding while ensuring compliance with state and local standards. The City’s BPP will offer transportation options for City residents and tourists. The proposed bicycle and pedestrian routes will provide convenient access to attractors within Banks, reduce reliance on the automobile, and improve safety by considering parallel routes to Highways 6 and 47.

This project was made possible by a TGM Grant, which is a joint program between DLCD and ODOT to help “local communities plan for streets and land use in a way that leads to more livable, economically vital, and sustainable communities and that increases opportunities for transit, walking and bicycling.” The City of Banks applied for the program and was selected based on a number of award criteria, including support of TGM objectives, provision of transportation choices, and promotion of environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses and information about ways to get involved. There will be an in-person and virtual open house in May - more details to be provided here!