About the Study

Funded by Caltrans’ Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP) Grant, Daly City is conducting a citywide safety study to identify the priority locations for safety improvement projects that are eligible for safety improvement funding consideration. The state-funded SSARP grant allows agencies to perform collision analysis, identify safety issues on local roadway networks, and develop systemic countermeasure to reduce crash frequency and severity within the community.

The City’s study will result in a report documenting existing safety performance in terms of historical crash patterns and notable factors, priority locations as the candidates for potential improvement projects, and recommendations for developing and implementing an effective transportation safety management process.

The four steps of the study are:

Step 1. Evaluate Current Safety Performance: The City’s crash trends and patterns will be evaluated to identify the priority locations with safety concerns. Priority locations will be analyzed with more details in relation to roadway characteristics to develop safety improvements and countermeasures that are beneficial to the locations.

Step 2. Identify Safety Treatments: Both systemic and local-specific safety improvement treatments will be identified and prioritized to address the specific safety issues at each priority site.

Step 3. Concept Designs to Implement Treatments: For the locations that are most likely to be eligible for grant funding and create the greatest reduction in crash frequency and severity, the City will develop concept designs for the improvement projects recommended at the top priority locations.

Step 4. Grant Applications: The City will prepare grant applications to seek funding to implement the safety improvement concept designs for the most competitive projects to help improve safety for everyone.