Deschutes County TSP Update

The project team also hosted an Online Public Meeting to share key findings from the evaluation of how the Deschutes County transportation system is operating today. You watch the recording of the meeting HERE. The event occurred on Tuesday, May 4th.

The complete Existing and Future Conditions Evaluation is available for review HERE

What will this project accomplish

Deschutes County is currently in the process of updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP), which is a long-range plan that identifies improvements to the County's transportation facilities and services to accommodate projected population and employment growth within the County over the next 20 years. Through this effort, and with your help, we will identify opportunities to build upon the County's existing transportation system and make smart investments in transportation facilities and service that increase travel options for local residents.

Why is it important

The existing Deschutes County Transportation System Plan (TSP) was last updated in 2012. Since that time, the County has implemented many of the projects identified in the plan. The time is right to engage the community to identify what projects will best serve the County transportation system over the next 20 years.

How to stay involved

Several opportunities for input will be available through the course of the TSP update, including two public open house events and coordination with a community advisory committee. Please check back for more information or CLICK HERE to sign up for updates.