Harney County Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan

Welcome to the project website for the Harney County Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan (Coordinated Plan) Update!

Photo Credit (Left to Right): Crane Hot Springs; Land and Farm; Economic Hardship Reporting Project; Harney County Chamber of Commerce; Crane Hot Springs

What is a Coordinated Plan?

The Coordinated Plan is a "living" document that identifies public transportation needs within Harney County and solutions to those needs to be implemented over a five-year period. The Coordinated Plan is intended to organize the various public transportation providers in Harney County and provide them with a strategy to enhance their services and allocate funding.

Does Harney County currently have a Coordinated Plan?

Harney County's current Coordinated Plan is from 2016. While a relatively new plan, it needs to be updated every five years to stay current with any changes to existing services, identified needs, funding sources, and planned strategies.

What will the Coordinated Plan accomplish?

This project will update the 2016 Coordinated Plan. It will evaluate:

This effort will be achieved through guidance from a Technical Advisory Committee, interviews with stakeholders, and public outreach. Your perspectives and input are an important element of this update.

Opportunities to be Involved

The project team will be holding two Public Workshops to give you an opportunity to participate in the Coordinated Plan Update process and give your input. The first workshop is planned for Monday, July 11 - see the MEETINGS page for more information on the event and how to participate. The second workshop is tentatively planned for this Fall.

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