Final Documents

Adopted Transportation System Plan

Final Project Memos (included in TSP Technical Appendix)

Final Memo #1: Plans and Policy Review

This memorandum presents a review of existing plans, regulations, and policies that affect transportation planning in The Dalles Transportation System Plan (TSP) update study area. The review explains the relationship between the documents and planning in this area, identifying key issues that will guide the TSP development process.

Final Memo #2: Goals and Objectives

This memorandum presents goals, objectives and a draft set of evaluation criteria for the City of The Dalles Transportation System Plan (TSP) update. The goals and objectives will help guide the TSP update to ensure key issues are addressed within this process.

Final Memo #3: Existing Transportation Conditions

This memorandum documents the type, condition, and performance of facilities that provide transportation of people, goods, and services to and through The Dalles in 2015. This document identifies opportunities to improve transportation facilities, including roads, bridges, bike lanes, sidewalks, shared-use paths, rail lines, etc. Maps of transportation facilities available city-wide are provided by mode. Final Memo #3 Appendix

Final Memo #4: Future Transportation Conditions

This memorandum summarizes transportation system needs anticipated for The Dalles over a 20-year from 2015 through 2035. These needs include existing deficiencies identified in Technical #3 (and supplemental feedback from citizens and residents), improvements to achieve goals identified in Technical Memorandum #2, and forecast needs associated with traffic growth through 2035. The analyses and findings contained in this memorandum will inform the identification and evaluation of future multimodal transportation system alternatives that address the needs. Final Memo #4 Appendix

Final Memo #5: Alternatives Analysis

This memorandum identifies alternatives to address the deficiencies identified in Technical Memorandums #3 and #4. The alternatives are evaluated using the criteria identified in Technical Memorandum #2. This analysis will inform the preferred scenario and recommended set of projects, policies, and programs in the Draft TSP.
Appendix A - Network Streets Map and Cross-Sections
Appendix B - Evaluation Criteria Matrix
Appendix C - Future Alternatives Operational Analysis Worksheets, US 197 at US 30
Appendix D - Future Alternatives Operational Analysis Worksheets, US 197 and I-84 Eastbound Ramps
Appendix E - Pedestrian Ramp Accessibility Inventory
Appendix F - Columbia Gorge Regional Airport Master Plan

Transit Feasibility Background Research

This memorandum provides background information on existing transit services in The Dalles, existing needs for fixed-route transit, and potential key destinations.

Transit Alternatives Analysis

This memorandum identifies transit alternatives and their associated assumptions, costs, and potential funding.