Project Documents

We will frequently be posting new documents and updating the schedule as the project continues.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Technical Memorandum - Draft

Draft Tech Memo #4: Existing Transportation System
Draft Tech Memo #5: Future Needs
Draft Tech Memo #5 Attachments

Meeting Materials

TAC Meeting #1 Agenda
PAC Meeting #1 Agenda
TAC Meeting #2 Agenda
PAC Meeting #2 Agenda

Meeting Minutes

TAC Meeting #1 Minutes
PAC Meeting #1 Minutes

Technical Memorandum - Final

Final Tech Memo #1: Plans and Policy Review
Final Tech Memo #2A: TSP Analyses Methodology
Final Tech Memo #2B: Goals and Objectives

Background Documents

City of Molalla Transportation System Plan
City of Molalla Comprehensive Plan
City of Molalla Visioning Process

Resource Materials

A Citizen's Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage Your Transportation Agency
Downtown Master Plan
OR 211 Streetscape and Downtown Plan