Terrebonne Refinement Plan

The Terrebonne Refinement Plan is an opportunity to plan, design, and implement solutions to address a transportation need of local, regional and state signi´Čücance. Like most Oregon cities, the Terrebonne community is bisected by a State highway-- in this case US 97. As US 97 highway traffic volumes increase, it is more difficult for side street traffic to enter or cross the highway or for pedestrians to cross the highway safely. A critical concern for Terrebonne residents is to provide safe crossings of US 97, particularly for school children at B and C Avenues, as these roads provide direct access to the Terrebonne community school.

Members of the Terrebonne and Crooked River communities have contacted ODOT and Deschutes County officials about initiating a refinement plan to again look at the transportation system in the Terrebonne/Crooked River areas. This Refinement Plan is in response to that public outreach.

This undertaking will include:

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