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This page will serve as a depository for project documents. Check back to see the latest information or simply "subscribe" via the button in the upper right corner of this page to be notified when new documents are posted.

Final Report

TRIP97 Final Report


Sample Evaluation Methodology Example

Expanded Funding Option Details

Expanded Governance Option Details

Project Overviews

Looking for a quick overview of what this project is all about? Take a look at the TRIP97 Brochure. Or go through the slide presentation currently being used to present an overview to elected officials and key stakeholders in the region.

TRIP97 Brochure

TRIP97 Slide Presentation

Briefing Papers

The partnership has developed a set of briefing papers that give summaries of the key elements of the project. More detailed information can be found in the Final Report and Appendices.

TRIP97 Performance Measures Brief

TRIP97 Finance/Funding Brief

TRIP97 Investment Strategies

TRIP97 Governance Brief

TRIP97 & TPR/OHP Relationship Brief

TRIP97 Next Steps Brief


During development of the TRIP97 Report, the Project Team hosted two webinars to engage stakeholders. One was held in October 2012 and the other in January 2013. Materials from those webinars can be found below.

PowerPoint Presentation from Webinar 1

Questions and Answers from Webinar 1

PowerPoint Presentation from Webinar2

Questions and Answers from Webinar 2