La Pine Transportation System Plan

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The Future of Travel in La Pine

What: La Pine was incorporated in December 2006, and has since completed a variety of land use studies and infrastructure programs typical for a newly formed city, but does not have a Transportation System Plan (TSP) in place. As a result, La Pine is crafting its first TSP in order to ensure that future growth will be properly planned, accommodated, and mitigated consistent with state rules and regulations. The TSP will incorporate all forms of transportation in La Pine, including roads, transit, walking, bicycling, rail, and air.

Why: All Oregon cities and counties are required to have a TSP and update it every 10 years. Through this effort, and with your help, we will identify the best ways to build upon our existing system and make smart future investments that increase choice for getting around.

How: In addition to technical work (data gathering, projections, traffic modeling), the process includes extensive public involvement. There will be opportunities for public comment and participation throughout this process.

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