About the Study

The Town of Colma received a Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP) grant from Caltrans. This grant program was established by Caltrans to help local agencies identify priority locations for safety projects that are eligible for safety improvement funding consideration. The SSARP grant allows agencies to evaluate their roadway networks with a focus on identifying those safety projects that are most likely to provide meaningful crash reductions within the community.

The Town's study will result in the Colma Transportation Safety Action Plan that outlines key safety trends and patterns, priority locations for potential projects, and recommendations for developing an on-going transportation safety management process for the Town.

The four steps of the project are detailed below:

Step 1. Safety Performance and Priority Locations: The Town’s crash trends and patterns will be evaluated in relation to roadway characteristics to identify the locations most likely to benefit from safety improvements.

Step 2. Select Safety Treatments: Safety improvement treatments will be identified and prioritized to address the specific crash patterns at each priority site.

Step 3. Concept Designs: For the locations that are most likely to be eligible for grant funding and create the greatest reduction in crash frequency and severity, the Town will develop concept designs for the improvement projects recommended at the top priority locations.

Step 4. Grant Applications: The Town will prepare grant applications to seek funding to help begin implementing the safety improvements for the most competitive projects to help make the Town’s roadways safer for everyone.

Materials Produced During Study

The following provides links to information developed through this study including items such as materials presented to the Town of Colma's City Council. Town staff is making this information available to community members who may be interested in additional details related to this study.

Presentation to City Council on January 24, 2018: Presentation Materials

Results of Step 1. Safety Performance and Priority Locations: Crash and Roadway Data Analysis Memo

Results of Step 2. Select Safety Treatments: Countermeasures Memo