Workshop #2 next week

Hi all,

The second and final workshop for Lynn Walking and Bicycling Network Plan is coming up! Thank you for taking such interest in the planning process and thank you for taking part in it!

Please come down to City Hall Auditorium next week to look at the alternative routes, trade-offs and give your feedback.

Two presentations are scheduled for next week: Day 1 - Nov 13 Kittelson will introduce the results of workshop #1 and the goals for workshop #2. The upcoming 3 days are to get your feedback on most favored alternative route (the preferred route) and what trade-offs are acceptable to have walking and biking facilities.

Day 3 - Nov 15 Kittelson will present the results of Workshop #2 and show and discuss the conceptual design for the preferred route and associated trade-offs that come with implementing bike and pedestrian facilities on the streets that were voted most suitable by the public.

For more information or the schedule for next week please visit the website:

Looking forward to seeing you next week at the City Hall Auditorium

The Project Team Lynn Walking and Bicycling Network Plan

Posted November 9th, 2018